Claw machines are not just fun. They are also a powerful marketing tool that can help you attract customers, increase brand awareness, and generate sales. In this article, we will show you how you can use claw machines to spice up your marketing campaigns and stand out from the crowd.

What are claw machines?

Claw machines are arcade games that allow players to control a mechanical claw and try to grab prizes from a glass-enclosed box. The prizes can range from plush toys, candy, electronics, gift cards, or anything else that fits inside the machine.

Claw machines are popular among people of all ages because they offer a fun and exciting challenge, as well as a chance to win something valuable. They also appeal to people’s curiosity and desire to collect things.

Why use claw machines for marketing?

Claw machines can help you achieve various marketing goals, such as:

  • Attracting attention: Claw machines can draw people’s attention with their bright colors, flashing lights, and catchy sounds. They can also create a buzz around your brand by offering unique and attractive prizes that people want to win.
  • Increasing engagement: Claw machines can encourage people to interact with your brand by playing the game and sharing their experience on social media. They can also create a sense of loyalty and satisfaction by rewarding your customers with prizes that they value.
  • Generating leads: Claw machines can help you collect customer data by asking them to enter their contact information or scan a QR code before playing the game. You can then use this data to follow up with them and offer them more products or services.
  • Driving sales: Claw machines can help you boost your sales by offering discounts, coupons, or free samples as prizes. You can also use claw machines to cross-sell or upsell your products or services by displaying them inside the machine or near the game area.

How to choose the right claw machine for your marketing campaign?

There are many types of claw machines available in the market, but not all of them are suitable for your marketing campaign. You need to consider several factors before choosing the right claw machine for your business, such as:

  • Your target audience: You need to know who your potential customers are and what they like. For example, if you are targeting children, you might want to choose a claw machine that has colorful and cute prizes, such as plush toys or candy. If you are targeting adults, you might want to choose a claw machine that has more sophisticated and valuable prizes, such as electronics or gift cards.
  • Your budget: You need to know how much you can afford to spend on renting or buying a claw machine, as well as on stocking it with prizes. You also need to factor in the maintenance and operation costs of the machine, such as electricity, repairs, and staff.
  • Your space: You need to know how much space you have available for setting up a claw machine in your store, event venue, or other location. You also need to consider the safety and accessibility of the machine for your customers and staff.
  • Your theme: You need to know what message you want to convey with your claw machine and how it fits with your overall marketing strategy. For example, if you are promoting a new product launch, you might want to choose a claw machine that showcases your product features and benefits. If you are raising awareness for a social cause, you might want to choose a claw machine that supports your cause and mission.

Where to find the best claw machines for your marketing campaign?

If you are looking for high-quality and affordable claw machines for your marketing campaign, look no further than MadeforArcade. MadeforArcade is a leading provider of arcade games and equipment in Europe that offers a wide range of claw machines for rent or purchase.

MadeforArcade has different types of claw machines that cater to different needs and preferences. They also offer customized claw machines that can match your brand identity and marketing theme. You can choose the color, design, logo, and lighting of your claw machine, as well as the prizes that you want to offer.

MadeforArcade is the best choice for your claw machine marketing campaign because:

  • They have experience and expertise: MadeforArcade has been in the arcade industry for over 10 years and has served hundreds of clients from various sectors, such as retail, hospitality, education, entertainment, and more. They know how to create and operate claw machines that can attract and engage your customers and achieve your marketing goals.
  • They have quality and variety: MadeforArcade has a large inventory of claw machines that are well-maintained and updated regularly. They also have a wide selection of prizes that are suitable for different audiences and occasions. You can find anything from toys, candy, gadgets, vouchers, to branded merchandise in their claw machines.
  • They have service and support: MadeforArcade offers flexible and affordable packages that include delivery, installation, maintenance, and removal of the claw machines. They also provide 24/7 customer service and technical support to ensure that your claw machine runs smoothly and safely throughout your marketing campaign.

How to get started with your claw machine marketing campaign?

If you are ready to boost your marketing with claw machines, here are some steps that you can follow:

  • Contact MadeforArcade: Visit their website at or app them to get a free quote and consultation. Tell them about your marketing objectives, target audience, budget, space, theme, and preferred type of claw machine.
  • Choose your claw machine and prizes: Browse through their catalog of claw machines and prizes and select the ones that suit your needs and preferences. You can also request for customized claw machines and prizes if you want to make them more unique and memorable.
  • Book your claw machine: Confirm your booking details with MadeforArcade and pay a deposit to secure your reservation. MadeforArcade will then deliver, install, test, and operate your claw machine at your desired location and time.
  • Promote your claw machine: Announce your claw machine marketing campaign to your customers and prospects through various channels, such as social media, email, flyers, posters, or word-of-mouth. Invite them to visit your store or event venue and play the game for a chance to win amazing prizes.
  • Monitor and measure your results: Track the performance of your claw machine marketing campaign by collecting feedback from your customers, counting the number of players and winners, analyzing the data from the claw machine system, and calculating the return on investment (ROI) of your campaign.


Claw machines are a fun and effective way to enhance your marketing strategy and stand out from the competition. They can help you attract attention, increase engagement, generate leads, and drive sales for your business.

If you want to rent or buy the best claw machines for your marketing campaign, contact MadeforArcade today. They have the experience, quality, variety, service, and support that you need to make your claw machine marketing campaign a success.

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your marketing with claw machines. Contact MadeforArcade now and get ready to wow your customers with an unforgettable gaming experience.

Harriet Sanders
Harriet Sanders
Really great communication throughout the ordering process - and always happy to answer any questions in a very timely manner. Super happy with the product as well!
Joe Martine
Joe Martine
From start to finish, the customer service was superb—knowledgeable, friendly, and infused with a fun spirit that truly enhanced the entire experience. Fulfilling a long-time wish of owning a claw machine, I was pleased to visit their showroom and thoroughly delighted by the exceptional hospitality extended to me. Witnessing my son and his friend's pure joy and excitement added to the overall delight.
Julius Mooijer
Julius Mooijer
Ik heb onlangs een full-size arcade besteld en ik ben echt positief verrast! Hoewel ik geen eerdere ervaring had met arcades, gaf de keuze voor MadeForArcade me meteen een goed gevoel. Mijn verwachtingen zijn volledig overtroffen; de arcade ziet er prachtig uit!
Markus Liptow
Markus Liptow
Vom ersten Kontakt, der Angebotserstellung, Lieferung und Support. Alles bestens. Selbst an Wochenenden bekommt man Hilfestellung und Antworten auf Fragen. Würde sogar 6 Sterne vergeben wenn es möglich wäre. Kann ich nur empfehlen!
Frédéric Rombeaut
Frédéric Rombeaut
Wonderful experience! Very satisfying work! Super fast delivery, items in excellent condition. I highly recommend this shop 👍
Tout est parfait. De la commande à la réception. Suivi parfait. Équipe professionnelle réactive et rassurante. A bientôt pour de nouvelles commande. Merci madeforarcade.
regis daube
regis daube
La prise de contact est simple et rapide. Patron a l'écoute du client et connaît ce qu il vend. La machine achetée tourne parfaitement et ne présente aucuns défauts d utilisation ou de construction. Il y en a pour toutes les bourses. Complètement dans mes attentes, le son de qualite et le monnayeur est un plus dans ma recherche de la nostalgie.
Een mini claw besteld en in slechts 2 werkdagen geleverd zonder beschadigingen! Altijd vriendelijk geholpen geweest op mijn vragen, zelfs 's avonds laat en in het weekend. Duidelijke handleidingen aanwezig. Ze hebben ook een showroom waar je eventueel de toestellen kunt uittesten. Zeker een aanrader als je buitenlandse grijpkasten wilt kopen zonder gedoe met douane & hoge verzendkosten, koop het lekker lokaal bij made for arcade! Een onderneming vol met ambitie, doe zo verder!
Giuseppe Dilonardo
Giuseppe Dilonardo
We have ordered a 4K virtual pinball machine with 4 screens. Everything went perfectly, each contact with the team was quick and conclusive. Pinball has arrived to us in Switzerland. We chose to take a local carrier as it seemed easier for everyone. The pinball machine is fantastic and we don't regret our purchase. It's a pity that we can't modify the parameters of the tables (encrypted files). We definitely recommend Madeforarcade for any purchase.
Martin Schneider
Martin Schneider
Freundliches Kompetentes Team, tolle Maschinen und gute Preise
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