capsule vending machine – poster style gashapon with lightbox


This modular vending or gashapon machine can be used stand-alone or as part of a vending wall. It dispenses 75 mm. and 100 mm. capsules with the simple turn of a knob. The machine is equipped with a back-lit poster door so you can change or personalise the look and feel in mere seconds.

Gashapon ( ガチャポン ) machines are known for exceptional high quality originating in Japan and are taking Europe by storm.
A unique modular vending machine system catered exactly to your brand and style.

This coin operated vending machine or gashapon is made from sturdy impact resistant PP and will last a lifetime. The gashapon is renowned for quality and durability and will serve capsules up to 100 mm. for years to come.

The front of this machine is equipped with a genuine lightbox so you can insert your own posters and translucent decals and create branding or personalisation in mere seconds. The bright and inviting lightbox will surely be noticed.

your choice of capsules :

holds 75 capsules of 75 mm. diameter
holds 35 capsules of 100 mm. diameter

The coin comparator inside this machine can be trained to any coin you please. Use tokens, game-coins or real currency. For events and shows where products are given away for free we have special arcade tokens that you can hand out to visitors so they can operate the vending machines while you retain full control of how many tokens you distribute and how many giveaway or prizes go out.

yellow gashapon machines
gashapon partition


gasha wall with display case
weight16 Kg
material typeextruded plastic & acrylic
power supply220 volts / 50 hz
capacity 75 mm capsules75mm capsule:75pcs
capacity 100 mm capsules100mm capsule: 35pcs
featuresbuilt in LED
coin acceptor
electronic dispenser unit


Unleashing Creativity: The MadeforArcade Modular Gashapon System

What Is a Gashapon System?

Before we dive into the modular goodness, let’s understand what a gashapon system is. Originating from Japan, gashapon machines are those delightful capsule vending machines that dispense surprise toys, collectibles give-aways, QR codes, prizes, branded goodies and anything you can fit in a 100 mm. globe. You insert a coin, turn the crank, and voilà! A tiny treasure emerges.

The MadeforArcade Twist

MadeforArcade takes this concept to a whole new level. Imagine customizable gashapon modules that you can mix and match like Lego bricks. These aren’t just simple vending machines; they’re a playground for creativity. Standbuilders like them, event coordinators love them, and corporate entities embrace them as the perfect solution to drive their brands and products home.

  1. Fully brandable : each module is a display case in itself. Easy to personalize and brand per your specifications, with a long lasting memory imprint for all your visitors.
  2. Modularity: Each MadeforArcade module is like a building block. Want a video gasha? Snap it on. Need a display case ? Add a shop window module. Have static posters ? Use some lightbox gasha’s. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Quality Craftsmanship: These modules aren’t flimsy plastic. They’re robust, built to last, and designed by AI (yes, you read that right).
  4. Versatility: Whether you’re setting up an arcade at home or planning an event, MadeforArcade’s modular system adapts effortlessly.
  1. Home Arcade: Create your dream arcade corner with personalized combinations of modules. From single units to full sizes gasha walls, it’s game night every night.
  2. Events & Branding: Hosting an event? Customize your gashapon system with video toppers and branding. It’s an attention-grabber!
  3. Trade Shows & Venues: Want to stand out? MadeforArcade’s gasha walls with video screens, display cubes and lightbox modules are a showstopper.
  • Maxime BONNET: “From order to delivery, everything was perfect.”
  • Giuseppe Dilonardo: “Fantastic machine; no regrets.”
  • Davy: “Clear instructions and quick delivery.”

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MadeforArcade’s modular gashapon system isn’t just about games; it’s about imagination unchained. So go ahead, build your arcade wonderland—one module at a time! 🕹️🎉

Learn more at MadeforArcade.

Markus Liptow
Markus Liptow
Vom ersten Kontakt, der Angebotserstellung, Lieferung und Support. Alles bestens. Selbst an Wochenenden bekommt man Hilfestellung und Antworten auf Fragen. Würde sogar 6 Sterne vergeben wenn es möglich wäre. Kann ich nur empfehlen!
Frédéric Rombeaut
Frédéric Rombeaut
Wonderful experience! Very satisfying work! Super fast delivery, items in excellent condition. I highly recommend this shop 👍
Tout est parfait. De la commande à la réception. Suivi parfait. Équipe professionnelle réactive et rassurante. A bientôt pour de nouvelles commande. Merci madeforarcade.
regis daube
regis daube
La prise de contact est simple et rapide. Patron a l'écoute du client et connaît ce qu il vend. La machine achetée tourne parfaitement et ne présente aucuns défauts d utilisation ou de construction. Il y en a pour toutes les bourses. Complètement dans mes attentes, le son de qualite et le monnayeur est un plus dans ma recherche de la nostalgie.
Een mini claw besteld en in slechts 2 werkdagen geleverd zonder beschadigingen! Altijd vriendelijk geholpen geweest op mijn vragen, zelfs 's avonds laat en in het weekend. Duidelijke handleidingen aanwezig. Ze hebben ook een showroom waar je eventueel de toestellen kunt uittesten. Zeker een aanrader als je buitenlandse grijpkasten wilt kopen zonder gedoe met douane & hoge verzendkosten, koop het lekker lokaal bij made for arcade! Een onderneming vol met ambitie, doe zo verder!
Giuseppe Dilonardo
Giuseppe Dilonardo
We have ordered a 4K virtual pinball machine with 4 screens. Everything went perfectly, each contact with the team was quick and conclusive. Pinball has arrived to us in Switzerland. We chose to take a local carrier as it seemed easier for everyone. The pinball machine is fantastic and we don't regret our purchase. It's a pity that we can't modify the parameters of the tables (encrypted files). We definitely recommend Madeforarcade for any purchase.
Martin Schneider
Martin Schneider
Freundliches Kompetentes Team, tolle Maschinen und gute Preise
Sofie Lappas
Sofie Lappas
Liten och smidig klomaskin, alla funktioner man skulle kunna tänka sig finns där! Robust, byggd i metall och glas. Älskar min klomaskin!
supergave wallmount besteld by made for arcade. Gaan hem zelf een klein beetje aanpassen maar top geleverd in houten pallet.
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