“Jack in the box”, “head of jut” , “the column of Hercules” , “tower of power” or “king of the hammer” ; this game has many names and it does exceptionally well at events, fairs, parties and celebrations. Very robustly built and easy to operate. Everyone immediately understands the meaning of the hammer game and visitors will soon line up to measure their strength.

pick it up yourself in the Netherlands, have your courier pick it up, or let us deliver it to you.

choose the amount of weeks to rent below by sliding the slider to the right. Then add your desired options.

king of hammer rental per week or per month

strenght meter high striker hammer


Hercules tower is about strenght precision and control. Hit the anvil with the hammer and see how high your score will go ! This social game has been a crowd favorite at fairs , carnivals , tradeshows and events alike. Timeless and easy to operate so everyone will want to give it a try.


This very robust machine can obviously take a beating. Hit the anvil as hard as you can with the hammer and watch the lights in the tower go higher and higher. Your final score is also shown digitally in the displays so you can quickly see who the real “King of the Hammer” is !



Maybe you know this challenging machine by that name ! The name “JUT” came from the Netherlands and was transformed to “Jack” in English. Jut wasn’t too happy with this game , but visitors who get to bang the hammer are ! Who can resist the challenge to hit away and see how high the score will be by hitting Jut’s “head” ?

Jack-in-the-box is an expression that means someone is the scapegoat or victim. The expression comes from the carnival attraction in which people hit a lever with a hammer to ring a bell. The attraction is named after Hendrik Jacobus Jut, a notorious murderer from the 19th century.

50 game coins included

Since this machine is built professionally and has a genuine coin acceptor built in we also include 50 brand new metal game coins so you can start playing right away. You can also use the game coins on any of our other machines.

hand with MFA coins


size :55 x 85 x 265 cm
weight :190 kilogram
power :110 volt & 220/240 volt
lighting :built in LED
features :coin operated , upgraded mechanics
rental period :per week or per month
security deposit :Eu 1.500,-

Q & A sessions :

Can I have the machine play my own music / sounds ?

Yes, you can add the optional mp3 sound system to your order. We will then add an integrated amplifier system with subwoofer and USB mp3 audio capabilities. You can then easily add your own background sounds.

Do you have plastic see through balls for prizes ?

Yes, you can add a selection of 100 mm. clear see-through balls to your order simply by selecting the option above before you place the machine in your shopping cart. The 10 cm. diameter balls are perfectly suited for this machine.

Does the machine come with lights ?

Yes, the main prize cabinet has bright white LED lighting so your prizes are well lit. For ambient lighting we have built 2 LED columns into the front corners of the machine that gently change colors as the machine is operational.

Can I rent the machine for an exhibition ?

Yes, our machines can also be rented for short or long periods of time. We can ship the machine to any desired location. You can personalise the machine with your own decals/stickers if you so desire. After the rental period simply send the machine back to us for a full refund of your security deposit.

can you personalise the machine for me ?

Personalisation is possible. Usually we require a mimimum of 3 machines to personalise. Of course you can also personalise this machine yourself as it is fairly simple to apply new decals here. The stickers on this machine are all rectangular and can easily be applied yourself too.

Weight999 kg

metal / steel, plastics


110 volts, 220-240 volts

rewards type



full size machine

skill mode

skill based

form of payment

I pay in full now – 45-60 days build queue, 25% downpayment – I pay the rest later & arrange my own transport, 10% discount – to wait a bit longer (60-120 days), 15% discount – best price for delayed delivery (120-150 days)

Can Uslu
Can Uslu
Very professional interaction, I ordered a bar-top machine and it arrived with no issues. Very high quality product, which will cut into my reading and TV time :) but my sons will love it and I can show them games I grew up with!!
Great service and super friendly staff. If you need a fun party attraction, this is the place to go!
Jenny Tro
Jenny Tro
Super freundlicher Kontakt und gute Beratung, tolle Produkte und top Service. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann den Shop nur empfehlen. Vielen Dank und sehr gerne wieder!
Marcel Tuinman
Marcel Tuinman
Geweldig apparaat. Super service. Aanrader.
Laurent Guetal
Laurent Guetal
Excellent Service, équipe très disponible et sympathique :) Je recommande vivement
Marcel Scholz
Marcel Scholz
Heel best tevreden.
Mario Schauster
Mario Schauster
Guter Service, werden hier noch öfter bestellen 👍
Ramon van Hal
Ramon van Hal
Purchased a mini claw machine. Excellent product and service. Had to wait a while for delivery, but that is to be expected with these types of products. Great communication aswell together with a translated manual by mail. Recommended for sure!
Pete est une super personne ! Le Coin Pusher est fantastique et les enfants adorent. Je recommande vivement
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