MIDI arcade – 2 player – 19 inch


full featured midi arcade machine with 2.800 games pre-loaded , full sound system and 2 player controls. Even has a coin acceptor for paid gaming (can be set to free mode too)

Due to higher than expected salesvolumes the current turn-around time for this product is 2-5 weeks.


The perfect arcade @ home or events

The midi 2 player arcade is a popular game machine for home gamerooms, community halls and places where space comes at a premium. The midi machines have a slightly smaller cabinet size , making them take up less space. The midi machines can be operated standing up as well as sitting down.

  • integrated amplifier and dual sound system
  • built-in coin acceptor – make money or play for free
  • large 19 inch LCD panel
  • whopping 3000 games pre-loaded
  • 2 player controls
  • plug and play , ready out of the crate

see the featured videos on youtube

The artwork on this medium sized video arcade machine was created by artificial intelligence engine “DALL-E 2” and is one of a kind. The steampunk inspired patterns are based on real game footage and can only be found @ made for arcade.

3.000 is your number to remember !

They could never imagine it back in the day, and even now it is hard to graps, but this machine really holds a massive 3.000 full games on board. There’s a good chance that you are never ever going to see them all, but guaranteed that you’ll find some of your favorites in between them. And if you want something new, why not let yourself be surprised by one of the thousands of full color hi-res games you’ve never had a chance to play before.

built in coin acceptor

Yes, that’s right ! You can make money with this machine. A full featured computer controlled coin acceptor is also included with this machine.

You can set your game selection to free games or you can select paid games. In free games mode you simply push a button to simulate a coin being paid. In paid mode you collect money for every game paid.

Home-use : It’s the perfect piggy bank. Save money each time you play.

professional use : Make a handsome profit as this machine pays for itself over and over and over again. Simply unpack the machine, plug it in, set it to paid mode and start collecting coins.

The coin acceptor will automatically detect EURO’s , DOLLARS and other coins. Simply place a coin of choice in the built-in coin analizer and the machine will do the rest.

size :52.5 cm wide x 46 cm deep x 112 cm tall
voltage :110 volt – 220/240 volt
power use :60 watts
weight :55 kilograms
monitor :19 inch ( 48 cm. ) LCD
sound :amplified dual speaker

don’t be fooled by it’s size

This machine holds a massive list of 3.000 on-board games. There are simply too many to list here, but all the classic games are included and then a few thousand more. You won’t be bored browsing the entire list, and if you played all of them, drop us a note so we can include you in the hall of gamers fame. You can watch the list in the post below :

take a seat

This arcade can be played standing up or sitting down. You’ll likely want to jump up and stand when things get exciting, but for regular gameplay you’ll want to sit down. So why not add our premium chrome plated adjustable gamer stool ? It’s the perfect match.


metal / steel, wood


110 volts, 220-240 volts

rewards type

points / credits


full size machine

skill mode

skill based

form of payment

I pay in full now – 45-60 days build queue, 25% downpayment – I pay the rest later & arrange my own transport, 10% discount – to wait a bit longer (60-120 days)

Can Uslu
Can Uslu
Very professional interaction, I ordered a bar-top machine and it arrived with no issues. Very high quality product, which will cut into my reading and TV time :) but my sons will love it and I can show them games I grew up with!!
Great service and super friendly staff. If you need a fun party attraction, this is the place to go!
Jenny Tro
Jenny Tro
Super freundlicher Kontakt und gute Beratung, tolle Produkte und top Service. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann den Shop nur empfehlen. Vielen Dank und sehr gerne wieder!
Marcel Tuinman
Marcel Tuinman
Geweldig apparaat. Super service. Aanrader.
Laurent Guetal
Laurent Guetal
Excellent Service, équipe très disponible et sympathique :) Je recommande vivement
Marcel Scholz
Marcel Scholz
Heel best tevreden.
Mario Schauster
Mario Schauster
Guter Service, werden hier noch öfter bestellen 👍
Ramon van Hal
Ramon van Hal
Purchased a mini claw machine. Excellent product and service. Had to wait a while for delivery, but that is to be expected with these types of products. Great communication aswell together with a translated manual by mail. Recommended for sure!
Pete est une super personne ! Le Coin Pusher est fantastique et les enfants adorent. Je recommande vivement
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