4 screen pinball “flippatronic”- 4K UHD FFB 49″ SSF


This is the best we have ! the ULTIMATE professional pinball machine with force feedback , 4 screen options , 4k 120Hz play field , game controlled ambient lightshow option , siren option , transducers , 3 audio systems and the list just goes on and on! spend weeks exploring this electronic pinball machine, all it’s features, and the thousands of pinball games that you can play.

move what you see & feel what you hear !

pinball FFB 4 screens

Super screen force feedback !

The ultimate virtual pinball machine a.k.a. “flippatronic” for those who only want the best of the best that the latest in pinball technology can provide ! There is no comparison when it comes to professional force-feedback electronic pinball machines. FULL force feedback , multiple screens, transducers, 3 audio systems, crystal clear imagery , perfect sound and superb CGI artwork – FEEL it and command it.

This machine is equipped with 4 digital screens , 4 transducers to pinpoint ball movement , 8 force feedback solenoids so you can feel the ball hitting the bumpers and you can feel the flippers moving. It also has a rumblemotor for enhanced feedback, analog to digital plunger for proportional launching of the ball , flash lights and a topper screen, game controlled LED’s , ultra sound with premium subwoofer system, the best full sized tilted 49″ LCD 4K play-area , 4 times sharper than high definition – tempered glass – gold plated leafspring arcade-style buttons and so much more ……

features & specifications

unlimited games – jukebox included

49”4K 120hz(playfield) + 32” HD (Backglass) + 16” HD(DMD) + 17”HD(optional Topper)

2 x contactors, 8 x Solenoids,1 x gear motor. 1 x shaker motor (force feedback).

William style digital plunger. allows for analog nudges and enables skill shots

5 x RGB LED Flashers above the screen, 2 x LED strips around speakers, 4 x under cabinet RGB LED strip option, 4 x LED strip option located at the back of the backglass, 2 x Top Siren option. All lights are controlled by game software

surround sound SSF system. 2 x high quality back glass speakers. 4 x transducers, 2 x bass kickers,
1 x 8 inch subwoofer. 1 x master Amplifier, 2 x sub Amplifiers.

Computer configuration : CPU : I5 9400F

Motherboard : B365 / H310

Hard Drive : 512 SSD

Video card : GTX 1060


virtual nudging

gyroscopic nudge sensoring

This top-of-the-line machine has so much cool technology built in. We almost cannot find the words for it. Take a look at this :

When you nudge or pull the pinball cabinet the gyroscopic sensors pick up your movement and instantly translate these movements to ball-motion on your ultra-high definition playing field. Don’t just play passively but influence the game by tactically steering your game.

force feedback motors

force feedback

you push the gold plated high speed arcade buttons, instantly you see the flippers move and you can FEEL the virtual mechanical parts moving through force feedback solenoids.

your ball enters a high speed bouncing area, it flies from bumper to bumper as it picks up speed. The ball is racking up points and you hear, you sense, you FEEL every bump, every launch every richochet just where it happened. 10 specially targeted and tactically placed solenoids let you know where the action is , even with your eyes closed.

analog to digital plunger

This ultimate pinball arcade has 2 ways to launch your pin balls. The big launch button will send an electronic signal to the computer and launch your ball with full force into the game field.

for more delicate operations or for the true pinball experience we have built the analog to digital plunger sensor into this machine. You pull the plunger and it instantly translates to the correct spring force on the screen. Pull more for more launch force, or pull less to hit your target spot on. The pinball master in you will instantly awaken ….

pinball playtable

4K ultra 49 inch LED panel

your main playing field is a seamless whopping 49 inch 4K LED powerhouse that gives you ultra-bright edge-to-edge graphics with fast refresh rates for superfast ball-action.

The backpanel boasts a 32″ LCD panel for your backdrops, story lines and game info.

below that you’ll find a third 16 inch LCD as DMD (dot matrix display) simulator with scores and game updates.

pinball machine artwork

Artwork the way you like it

Our machines normally come standard with randomly selected artwork. Order 3 machines or more and we can customise the artwork for you in any way you want (we can use your custom made graphics , company logo’s etc. or our design team can work with you to create the artwork you want. )

For single machine orders you can not use customised artwork, but rest assured, we will make sure your machine is delivered with catchy and attractive decals nonetheless .

coin acceptor

built in coin acceptor

Yes, that’s right ! You can make money with this machine. A full featured computer controlled coin acceptor is also included with this machine.

You can set your game selection to free games or you can select paid games. In free games mode you simply push a button to simulate a coin being paid. In paid mode you collect money for every game paid.

Home-use : It’s the perfect piggy bank. Put some money away for later each time you play.

professional use : Make a handsome profit as this machine pays for itself over and over and over again. Simply unpack the machine, plug it in, set it to paid mode and start collecting coins.

The coin acceptor will automatically detect EURO’s , DOLLARS and other coins. Simply place a coin of choice in the built-in coin analizer and the machine will do the rest.

weight :170 Kg – (210 Kg with wooden crate)
power :110 volt – 220/240 volt
dimensions :139 cm x 81 cm wide x 190 cm
CPU :I5 9400F
motherboard :B365 / H310
storage :512 GB SSD
video driver :GTX 1060
RAM :8 Gb DDR 4
force feedback :2 x contactors, 8 x Solenoids 1 x gear motor 1 x shaker motor transducer set
plunger :William style digital plunger with ANALOG NUDGING and skill shot
nudge / tilt :gyroscopic sensoring
main playfield :4K – 49 inch ( 124 cm ) 120hz
backpanel :32″ 1080p LED Backglass Monitor
topper display :17”HD (Topper)
DMD :Full Color 15.6″ LED DMD
ambient :5 x RGB LED Flashers above the play field
2 x LED strips above speakers
4 x under-cab RGB LED arrays
4 x LED arrays locate back of backglass
2 x Top Siren lighting
All lights are GAME CONTROLLED
amplifier / sound :SSF system.
2 x high quality back glass speakers.
4 x transducers,
2 x bass kickers,
1 x 8 inch subwoofer.
1 x master Amplifier,
2 x sub Amplifiers.
payment :coin operated (can be simulated) or free play
demo software :1300 games + 1000 jukbebox songs
form of payment

I pay in full now – 45-60 days build queue, 25% downpayment – I pay the rest later & arrange my own transport, 10% discount – to wait a bit longer (60-120 days), 15% discount – best price for delayed delivery (120-150 days)

Can Uslu
Can Uslu
Very professional interaction, I ordered a bar-top machine and it arrived with no issues. Very high quality product, which will cut into my reading and TV time :) but my sons will love it and I can show them games I grew up with!!
Great service and super friendly staff. If you need a fun party attraction, this is the place to go!
Jenny Tro
Jenny Tro
Super freundlicher Kontakt und gute Beratung, tolle Produkte und top Service. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann den Shop nur empfehlen. Vielen Dank und sehr gerne wieder!
Marcel Tuinman
Marcel Tuinman
Geweldig apparaat. Super service. Aanrader.
Laurent Guetal
Laurent Guetal
Excellent Service, équipe très disponible et sympathique :) Je recommande vivement
Marcel Scholz
Marcel Scholz
Heel best tevreden.
Mario Schauster
Mario Schauster
Guter Service, werden hier noch öfter bestellen 👍
Ramon van Hal
Ramon van Hal
Purchased a mini claw machine. Excellent product and service. Had to wait a while for delivery, but that is to be expected with these types of products. Great communication aswell together with a translated manual by mail. Recommended for sure!
Pete est une super personne ! Le Coin Pusher est fantastique et les enfants adorent. Je recommande vivement
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